Garden Center in Plattsburgh since 2005

Re-Opening on Saturday, May 9th

Current Hours:  11AM-6PM  (subject to change)

Locally-Owned Garden Center

139 Tom Miller Road

Plattsburgh, New York

​(518) 563-9308

In an effort to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, there will be significant changes when the store re-opens.  Thank you for bearing with us and understanding that things will evolve over time.

While the shopping experience at Cook and Gardener may be very different this year, we still want to help you make your home and garden a beautiful, bountiful place to enjoy this growing season.  Gardening is such a healthy activity for the mind and body...and we all need that right now! 


  • Masks or Face Coverings are REQUIRED  No exceptions at this time. Hand sanitizer will also be provided at the store entrance and check-out stands.
  • Maintain Social Distancing of a minimum 6 feet between yourself, our staff and other shoppers at all times Due to social distancing and staffing constraints, we can point you in a direction in the sales yard or greenhouses, but will not be able to offer direct assistance with garden design/planning, look at pictures on your cell phone, or gather items for you until further notice. 
  • No Cash Payments.  Only Credit card, Debit cards, Personal Checks, or Gift Certificates will be accepted.
  • No Groups.  Please Come Alone or Pairs Only With the strict limits on number of shoppers allowed in the garden center at a given time, groups would prevent your fellow gardeners a fair chance to enter the store. 
  • Come with a Shopping List & Avoid Touching Items  The current COVID-19 environment is not appropriate for leisurely browsing. Please try to avoid touching plant tags, containers, and other items for sale unless you are selecting them for purchase.
  • No Children.  No Pets Allowed.  Please shop the garden center as you would other essential businesses, like grocery stores and pharmacies, and leave your children, at-risk family members, and your pets safely at home. 
  • Return Carts to Designated Area for Sanitizing
  • No Deliveries
  • No Custom Container Planting Services  In previous seasons, we have gladly offered customers the opportunity to drop off pots/containers for custom plantings.  Given our current staffing limitations, we are not able to offer this service right now.  We apologize for the inconvenience and may be able to add this back at a future date. 
  • No Returns Accepted at this Time  We are unable to process any returns, including warrantied tree/shrub returns, at this time.  Please make sure you keep your original itemized register receipt and the yellow guarantee policy.  Please take a photo of the tree/shrub in the ground to share with us when we do process returns.  If you decided to pull it up, please keep it in a garbage bag until we are able to accept returns.  Check for updates on this page later in May.